General Dentistry

Imagine driving your car for 100,000 miles without changing the oil! You would definitely run into some problems, and, chances are, they would prove more costly than a routine oil change. Well, your teeth are no different. Generally speaking, routine checkups combined with regular flossing and brushing help preserve oral health. By investing in preventive treatments and other general dentistry services now, you can keep your smile healthy and avoid costly dental treatments later.

At Texas Dental Resources, we take a proactive position against enemies that threaten the health of your smile. Our dentists in Arlington, Mansfield, and Fort Worth offer non-invasive dental treatments to combat gum disease and restore periodontal health. But our dentistry services in Mansfield, Arlington, and Forth Worth go beyond just basic care to other areas of general dentistry as well. Dental clenching and grinding, a condition called bruxism, destroys tooth structure and causes a host of problems. To meet the needs of our Forth Worth, Arlington, and Mansfield dental patients, we treat bruxism with customized oral appliance therapy that puts an end to dental wear and tear. Our additional general dentistry services in Arlington, Mansfield, and Fort Worth include snoreguards, athletic mouthguards, and bad breath treatment. As our number one priority at Texas Dental Recourse, our dental patients from Mansfield, Arlington, Fort Worth, and all across the DFW area will experience full-service dental care for an improved smile and long-term oral health.

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